Ballintoy to White Park Bay walk.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

This traveling article is the continuation after Ballintoy Harbour.

Ballintoy harbour is an excellent place and you'd never want to leave the place. But the clock was ticking. The Daylight saving clock-shifting just activated from today. So we were practically one hour short from usual time. And near the hilly area the sunlight gets poor even early. That's why we had to leave that beautiful place to move forward.

The next destination was the White park bay. There suppose to be a coastal route around for the walkers. But we've missed that to pick. Instead we started walking beside the bay. The walking was beside the nice highlands and random boulders of stone around (in land and in water). But was alway confused whether we were on the correct course or not. Cause we had to go back and circumvent on long route if we were mistaken. So we were both tensed and excited at the same time.

The overall area was very nice. It was a green grassy area …

Ballintoy Harbour - Northern Ireland